First Principles of Instruction: Lecture

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This lecture series teaches the five pillars of Dr. Merrill's Principles of Instruction and how they help build effective learning solutions that promote education through problem-solving.

In this course, you will:

  • See the principles applied to a variety of content areas
  • Learn how you can design appropriate instructional events and strategies for your own instruction.

Upcoming Course Dates:  Stay tuned for updated First Principles of Instruction course dates.

 Prerequisites: None

 Experience level: Any

Format: Synchronous, virtual instructor-led training (webinar series)

Duration: 12 hours total (6 x 120-minute instructor-led sessions)

Upcoming Course Dates: 

  • 2022 dates coming soon

Instructor: Dr. David Merrill

Technical requirements:  Online instructor-led sessions are conducted via webinar on the Zoom platform. (View Zoom's system requirements here.) You will need a good enough internet connection to view your instructor's shared screen and to access examples of online interactivity.