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What Does the Future Hold for Corporate Coaching?

Allen Academy and Chart Learning Solutions have partnered together to bring the power of corporate coaching and customized, off-the-shelf blended learning to create a truly empowering experience for learning and development and management professionals to take the next step in their professional development. Join us on Wednesday, October 14th to learn more about becoming a Certified Coach Chart and gaining access to the benefits of our growing professional network.


You'll Learn About:

  • How becoming a Certified Chart Coach™ enables virtual and on-site coaching to help both yourself and your clients reach their fullest potential 
  • The 275+ award-winning, blended courseware titles you'll have access to as a Certified Chart Coach™
  • How to know if becoming a Certified Chart Coach™ is right for your professional goals
  • How the Performance Assurance System™ works and integrates with professional coaching
  • The best delivery methods and formats to help fit your clients' needs
  • Inventory and Skills Assessments in leadership, sales, and customer service to ensure you're on the right path towards success


Ready to Learn More?

Sign up for our live webinar on Wednesday, October 14th. You'll learn all this, plus more with our experts from Allen Academy and Chart Learning Solutions.