Group Training

ACIP - Level 1Group pricing

Going through a learning experience together as a group can be powerful. When learners go through training together, it allows the group to more quickly apply what they've learned to the unique needs of the organization they belong to. Shared experiences can kick-start transformation and catalyze positive change. 

We recognize this power, so we encourage people to sign up for Academy courses and programs together.

The Allen Academy can offer group pricing discounts for groups of five or more learners. Contact us to come up with a plan that fits your needs!

Private courses

Private courses and programs offer more flexibility and customization for your organization. With a private cohort, your learners can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Customized content. We can tailor the material to be even more relevant to your organization and industry. 
  • Exclusive setting. Have open conversations with Academy instructors without the privacy concerns that come with a public course.
  • You set the pace. We'll schedule sessions around your organization's work to maximize attendance and minimize disruption.
  • Sync with current projects. Because private courses run on your schedule, you're able to line up course material with new L&D initiatives. Course participants will immediately apply what they've learned to real work for your organization.  

Paired with coaching and consulting before and after training, a private course with the Allen Academy can be a career-changing experience for your L&D team. Contact us for more information about private courses and programs.