Using Instructional Interactivity to Improve e-Learning Design (ebook)

Ethan Edwards looks into instructional interactivity, and demonstrates how it can transform the learning experience for learners working independently through an e-learning program. 

These concepts are explored in depth in the ACIP-1 Design Program.

7 Steps to Improved e-Learning Challenges (ebook)


Meaningful challenges enhance motivation. In this ebook, Ethan Edwards describes seven ways that designers of digital learning experiences can add meaningful challenges to e-learning activities.

These concepts are explored in depth in the ACIP-1 Design Program.

Future Proofing: How Adaptive Learning Organizations Improvise
and Innovate in the Face of Rapid Change (whitepaper)

Whitepaper  Academy faculty members Christopher Allen and Mike Hruska lay out the case that most organizations are not well-adapted to the current pace of change. Learning and training departments can help if guided by the right principles and tools. This whitepaper includes overviews of resources such as the Learning Ecosystem Canvas and the Behavior Catalog™.

CCAF Context Design Roadmap (ebook)

CCAF_RoadmapPDF-1  As a designer, have you ever found yourself stuck trying to decide what type of imagery you should use in your training? Ethan Edwards comes to the rescue in this ebook, which maps training needs to appropriate contextual elements. While this ebook is written primarily for developers of e-learning, the principles of using contextual elements to create performance-focused learning experiences can be applied to every training medium.