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  • Q&A Migrating ILT to Digital Delivery

    In the webinar, The Best Practices for Migrating ILT to Digital Delivery, our team of experts shared their best practices and advice for moving from Instructor Led Training or ILT toward digital delivery solutions such as virtual classroom (VILT) and e-learning training solutions. Our team used the input and advice from webinar attendees to create a crowd sourced Virtual Training Start Up Guide.

    The following questions were not answered during the live webinar, so our experts have joined forces to follow up on all attendee questions. 

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  • Dear Designer: 3 Considerations for Length When Shifting to VILT

    Dear Designer: 3 Considerations for Length When Shifting to VILT
    The first quarter of 2020 has contained a host of global challenges, and many organizations and their L&D professionals may find themselves in unfamiliar ground, with the demand to quickly adapt. For many, there will be questions of how to take existing learning material, courses, or workshops and deliver them using a digital platform.
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  • What are Short Sims?

    What are Short Sims?

    Role plays.  Flight simulators.  Sports scrimmages.  Computer games.  Wargames. Erector sets.  Group challenges. Acting workshops. Labs.  Moot courts.  

    These great learning experiences have a few things in common.   They are all “Learning to do.”  And they all get us to Short Sims.

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