Michael Allen's 2008 e-Learning Annual


The field of e-learning has experienced dramatic, and at times chaotic, growth. Over time, as technology has improved and its advantages have become clear, e-learning has gained widespread acceptance. It is now the fastest growing sector of corporate learning. Michael Allen's 2008 e-Learning Annual presents a wide range of perspectives from some of the earliest and most renowned leaders in field. This important resource will help both educators and trainers create, purchase, and apply quality e-learning programs more effectively. It provides a wealth of applicable history and guidance for all persons contemplating e-learning, from the student to the organizational leader. It frankly and objectively presents lessons learned and the critical steps to success. Michael Allen's 2008 e-Learning Annual is part of the Pfeiffer Annual series, first published in 1972.


  • William D. Aggen
  • Allen Avner
  • Carole A. Bagley
  • Donald L. Bitzer
  • Alfred Bork
  • Tom Boyle
  • Victor Bunderson 
  • Peter G. Fairweather
  • Wallace Hannum
  • Fred T. Hofstetter
  • David H. Jonassen
  • Greg Kearsley
  • M. David Merill
  • Thomas C. Reeves
  • Allison Rossett
  • Patrick Suppes
  • Will Thalheimer
  • Sivasailam Thiagarajan
  • Nick H.M. van dam
  • Xiwen Zhang