Michael Allen's 2009 e-Learning Annual


Michael Allen's 2009 e-Learning Annual

Alarming. Disquieting. Insightful. Constructive. Brazen. No rehash of the same old principles and perspectives here. Michael Allen's Annuals probe and question common practices in search of solid guidance for success with e-learning, and this edition is no exception!

As organizations universally turn to e-learning to reduce costs and meet their learning and performance needs, they make many regrettable mistakes--mistakes that can be avoided but rarely are because common sense leads to them. The 2009 Annual once again provides an important collection of the most current insights and best practices that will help both educators and workplace learning leaders create, purchase, and apply quality e-learning programs more effectively. It provides a wealth of applicable examples and guidance for all persons contemplating e-learning, from the student to the professional. It frankly and objectively presents lessons learned and the critical steps to success.

Michael Allen's 2009 e-Learning Annual is part of the Pfeiffer Annual series, first published in 1972.


  • Dennis Brown
  • Saul Carliner
  • Ruth Colvin Clark
  • Ed Cohen
  • Betty Collis
  • Jay Cross
  • Margaret Driscoll
  • Lance Dublin
  • Larry Israelite
  • Karl Kapp
  • Jef Moonen
  • Bob Mosher
  • Mark Prensky
  • Clark Quinn
  • Chris Frederick Willis